We arrived safely and on time to London at 7:30 this morning London time. Claudia got about 2 hours of sleep on the plane. Ady and I caught a little nap. Natalia stayed awake the whole time despite our pleas for her to sleep some. After getting through Immigration she was a live wire when we saw our friends Clare and Angela with whom we’re staying, running through the airport and joking during our ride on the tube to their flat. However, as I told Ady, she crashed hard after her jolt of energy. We all hit the wall at about 1pm which was 8am our time, but we went out to eat. Natalia didn’t make it. She was out in the restaurant. We came home around 3 and took a three hour nap. We’re exhausted, but we’re making ourselves stay awake. Well, Ady and I are making the girls stay awake. Natalia especially is having a difficult time. She keeps dozing off and whining when we wake her. She’s trying her best, but it’s so tough on her. Clare has just made some Shepherd’s Pie for dinner, so we’re looking forward to that! Planning our time together and enjoying one another’s company. Well, I shouldn’t speak for the London Ladies … perhaps they’re not having fun having us crash at their flat. I think they are, though.

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