If you are a church on Long Island or in the NYC Area, and you are only requesting for me to speak at a church service (Sunday morning, youth, college, etc.) you can use the abbreviated Long Island/NYC Area Church Service Request form here

Thank you for your interest in having me partner with you to see your vision become reality. It is an honor that you would invite me to be a part of what you are doing, and I will do my best to work with you to reach your objectives.

Here are things that I need to consider when I receive a speaking request:

  • Family. How will the dates and demands work with my family’s schedule and needs?
  • Content and Audience. Am I able to deliver the content desired in a way that will benefit your specific audience?
  • Honorarium. What is the compensation for my time?

If you have specific details about your event, dates, and budget and would like to submit a speaking request, please fill out the form below.

Thank you so much for considering me!