Last night we went to bed by 10pm. We were quite exhausted from the jet lag. It didn’t take the girls but two minutes to be sound asleep. Claudia and Ady slept like babies, but Natalia kept waking up and freaking out. She would sit up and shout strange things, get up to leave the room, and kept pointing at the window. Ady and I kept laying her back down and she would conk our again. I woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I decided to listen to my iPod. Before leaving I purchased two audio books: Mistaken Identity and 25 Ways to Win With People by John Maxwell. Mistaken Identity is about the identity mix up of two students involved in the Taylor University van accident in 2006 when my dad worked for the school. I listened to several chapters of each book before going back to sleep around 5am. At 10am we all got up feeling much better than the day before. After breakfast and some reading, we watched a movie. After that I went into the bedroom and took another unexpected nap. I got up around 1pm and we hoped on the bus and went to Battersea Park. It was wonderfully relaxing to just stroll through the park and allow the girls to play on their wonderful playground. The girls did a small zip line as well as a tire swing. They both did so good and demonstrated tremendous bravery! We were very proud of them both. We also walked along the Thames River. I love that place! It’s the park I jogged in almost every day last year during our missions trip. After several hours in the park, we took the bus back. We went to the grocery store and picked up a few items after which we grabbed some fish and chips for dinner. It was delish! After dinner we walked down the street and got some ice cream. Now we’re just hanging out. It’s been a fun and relaxing day.

One thought on “London Saturday

  1. Claudia and Nataila,Looks like you are all having FUN! Great. Nana and Pappy are taking a Sunday nap. Why? Because we are old as dirt and need time to rest. Speaking of “old as dirt,” how’s your mom?

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