My First Announcement Video

This is the first time I have put together an announcement video (specifically the editing part). Good fun! Enjoy!

Another First Day of School!

This morning Ady and I tearfully dropped off our girls for their first day of school at their new schools here in California. Claudia began 8th grade and Natalia began 5th grade. They’re growing up so fast! They both came home very excited and are already making friends.¬†We’re super proud of them. (Oh yeah, and Claudia overheard some kids saying, “Did you see that dad taking a picture of his daughter? What a dork!” That’s right! Wait till they show up at our youth group one day and that dork becomes their youth pastor. lol!)

Fun Family Project

Sometimes God has a funny way of positioning us to pay attention to things that matter to Him. Yesterday we had such an experience. We got all ready to go out and run some errands that really needed to get done. However, when we opened the door we realized that our side of the road had been paved and we could not get our car out of the garage. We had received a notice a few days ago that they would be paving on August 26th, but for some reason I was thinking that that was next week. They road was blocked off for 24 hours, which meant we weren’t going anywhere. So, what to do? While there was lots to do around the house in terms of unpacking, we opted to just enjoy the day together as a family. We watched Back to the Future III and put together a 750-piece puzzle of Times Square. Aside from sore backs, it was a lot of fun!

25 Questions to Help Debrief Your Youth Ministry Summer Calendar by Josh Griffin & Kurt Johnston

  1. What did we plan that was a success?
  2. What surprised us that was totally awesome?
  3. Where did we get blindsided?
  4. Was there a good balance of evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and worship?
  5. Did we lose/gain momentum at any time this summer?
  6. What was an epic fail?
  7. Where were the wins with parents?
Read the rest here.