Natalia’s Homerun

Natalia crushed this beautiful line-drive homerun over the fence in left center en route to a 5-3 win over Great Neck North today.

Looking Back: 10 Life Lessons Learned on Mission Trips

Having led approximately 40 mission trips over the past 20 years, I can tell you, thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes! But you don’t have to take my word for it. I conducted a brief survey asking people who went on mission trips more than 10 years ago (for most, 20 years ago) to look back on their mission trip experiences and share the life lessons they learned which have continued to guide and shape their lives all these years later.

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How to Engage Youth in Service

“What is the name of your church again?” she asked. I repeated the name for a second time.

“And where is it located?”

“Just a half mile up the road from here,” I replied.

“Huh, never heard of it.”

Her words made me realize things had to change.

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On Burnout and Getting Fired

Warning! Raw, honest content here. I am still trying to navigate this. It’s really tough. But somehow part of my healing is found in sharing my story. I hope by opening up my chest and revealing some of my pain some of you might find a bit of encouragement. Click here to listen to my conversation with Terrance Crawford on the This Week in Youth Ministry Podcast.