Mexico Loft House Pre-Build

This morning our family joined about 100 other people from our church to pre-build 5 loft houses for families in Mexico. It was awesome! Yesterday about 30 volunteers pre-cut and laid out all of the walls, roofs, etc. and today, within 2 hours we had put them all together and staged them to be loaded onto the trucks. Next week my daughters and I will be going to Mexico with a team to assemble the homes and present them to the 5 families. Super excited!

Heading to Mexico

If you live here in the Valley, head on out to our church Southwest Community Church, this Saturday at 8am to help us construct 5 houses for needy families in Mexico. Next weekend my daughters and I will be joining a team to drive to Mexico and assemble the homes and present them to the families. Super excited!

Creating Youth Ministry Events for the Whole Family

As we have been working on events for our middle school ministry, we have been intentionally trying to create opportunities for family connection. This fall we have done a Mother-Daughter Tea, a Father-Son Bowling trip, and a Waffles & Wiffleball event for our students and their entire families. We are working on a Mother-Son event, a Father-Daughter event, and a Father-Kids Camping trip (and a Mom’s Night Out while dad’s out with the kids). What have you done to create opportunities for families to connect through your programming? What are some cool ideas you have?

127 Hours Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I just finished reading the harrowing tale of Aron Ralston in 127 Hours. In the spring of 2003 Aron was hiking in Horseshoe Canyon in Utah when a freak incident caused an 800 pound boulder to fall, pinning his arm against the canyon wall. Trapped for five days, suffering from hypothermia and dehydration. and literally at death’s door, Aron made the incredible decision to make one last attempt at escape. He did the unimaginable, cutting off his own arm in order to free himself, then hiking several miles out of the canyon until miraculously finding help.

Yes, the read was as gut-wrenching as it sounds. But what an epic story of survival! Many great lessons and talking points can be learned from the strategic mistakes he made as well as the actual ordeal of his survival.

The Great Date Experiment … Featuring Comedy Couple Barnes and Miner

Next Friday night, October 28th, our church is having The Great Date Experiment featuring the hilarious comedy couple Barnes and Miner (see clip below). Register here.