On Monday morning we checked out of our hotel and headed to the church. Hundreds of cars were there and over a thousand children were being dropped off for the Summer Spectacular. We got Natalia checked in and went inside for the opening session. Claudia jumped right in as a volunteer. Ady and I went out for some coffee and began working on our game plan. At 10:30am we met a very nice lady who shoed us a 1-bedroom condo which we decided to rent on a monthly basis while we’re searching for a home to buy. At noon we picked up the girls, stopped in to see my new office, then went to sign the paperwork for the condo. We unloaded most of our luggage and cleaned the van. I then ran to get some pizza for lunch and got some groceries while the girls went swimming in the pool right outside our front door. At 4:30pm we met with our real estate agent and looked at a home. Then we returned our Uhaul trailer and went to our friends’ (the Jones’) house for dinner. We left around 9pm, swung by Walmart, then came home and turned in for the night. It was a productive day.

Today we dropped Claudia off at the church at 7:30am for volunteer duty, checked Natalia in, then Ady and I met with Kym, the HR lady at the church. After that we ran back home, ate some breakfast, then headed out on our own, driving through the area looking at homes. After picking up the girls and having lunch, we met our real estate agent and looked at a couple more homes. Then went to Walmart, got the oil changed in the car (just had it changed 2 weeks ago! lol!), then returned home and signed an offer on a home. Pray that we’ll get it!

I believe that’s now a population of 41,096!

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