Sabbath comes from the Hebrew word that means “to cease, to stop working.”

“Sabbath provides for us … rhythm for an entire reorientation of our lives around the living God. On Sabbaths we imitate God by stopping our work and resting. . . .

“Our culture knows nothing of setting aside a whole day (twenty-four hours) to rest and delight in God. Like most, I always considered it an optional extra, not something absolutely essential to discipleship…. Living in a fallen world is much like being in a blizzard. Without the Sabbath, we easily find ourselves lost and unsure of the larger picture of God and our lives. I am convinced that nothing less than an understanding of Sabbath as a command from God, as well as an incredible invitation, will enable us to grab hold of this rope God offers us.” (Rope referring to a line to safety in a blizzard)

“The Sabbath calls us to build the doing of nothing into our schedule each week.”

– Peter Scazzero, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, p. 163, 165.

SRC Students in the News!

Look who we spotted in the Manhasset Press! Congrats to Jeffrey Chin and Ben Morse (and his friend Dominic who’s come to SRC several times). Proud of you boys!

Another Great, Provocative Interview with N.T. Wright

INTERVIEW WITH NT WRIGHT from Evangelical Alliance on Vimeo.

Awesome Date Day!

Last night both of our daughters spent the night at friends’ houses, which meant that Adriana and I got to enjoy some date time. Last night we went out for a late night dinner, and today we enjoyed a wonderful day out east on Long Island. We drove out the north fork, stopping to pick blackberries, visit a winery, have dinner in Greenport, walk the beach in Orient Point, and watch the sunset. It was a very relaxing, refreshing, and relational day. I love my babe!

Brief Visit from Mom and Dad

Last Thursday my parents wrapped up a week-long vacation traveling in Canada and around the north-eastern US and were able to stop by for a day to visit. It was brief, but it was really great spending time with them. Claudia hasn’t seen Nana and Pappy in two years, so it was especially great for her. We went to Smash Burger, a nice drive around our area, and spent a few hours playing at a park. Adriana had to work, but when she got home we went out for some awesome NY pizza. Love when we can spend time with our family!

View of NYC a few miles from our home.

Competition Night 2013

Taco Bell Smoothies

Donut Dangle

Condiment Twister

Bobbing for Mystery Meat

Egg Baseball (with Tennis Racquets)

Banana Split Slip-N-Slide

Flower War

A Bunch of Messy, Happy Students
See all the pics here.

Andy Mineo Coming to Impact!

IMPACT RALLY is an annual student rally at the beginning of the school year that brings together hundreds of teenagers from all over Long Island. It is a night filled with an exciting speaker, great bands, and a chance to see what God is doing in the lives of students across the island. As a Christian teenager, it can sometimes feel isolating and lonely in your school, but at IMPACT we hope you are encouraged and pumped to be the light of the Gospel to your friends!

Featuring Christian Hip-Hop artist Andy Mineo! Andy has been featured with award winning Christian artist Lecrae and is passionate about bringing the love of God with New York. His new album “Formerly Known” is available on iTunes.

Special Guest Speaker, Seth Franco! In 2003 Seth became the first Caucasian Harlem Globetrotter since 1942! Now Seth travels the world inspiring others to “BOUNCE BACK” from hardship and “LIVE BIG” dreams! Seth has shared the stage with the likes of Kobe Byrant, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and other NBA AllStars! He has appeared on ESPN, BET, TNT, MSNBC, Comedy Central and more. Seth has worked with Universal Studios, NBA, The Harlem Globetrotters, and The US Department of Education.

We have purchased tickets at the cheapest price which you can purchase at for just $15 beginning the last week of August! This is a great event to invite some of your unchurched friends to, so buy a couple of tickets and bring a friend.


The Search for the Right Pace

I’ve been called a Man on a Mission. It seems I’m always moving, racing. This is something I struggle with. Here’s something I heard recently that I am challenged by and something I am working on:

“Find a pace you can live with.
Learn what you can handle and stay with that.
You’re in this for the long haul.
Life is a marathon.
Learn to enjoy it.
And when people rush past you, you are able to make them feel good about themselves.
And you’re OK.
You just don’t have to win everything.
Where did we ever get the idea that slow is bad and fast is good?
It’s like the old … it takes 60 years to grow an oak tree, but 3 months to grow a squash.
You have to decide if you want to be an oak tree or a squash.
We show our love for someone with time.”
– Richard Foster is interview with son Nathan regarding book Wisdom Chaser.

Family Picnic on the Beach

Yesterday Adriana and I both had the day off, so we enjoyed an afternoon picnic at the beach grilling, sharing, playing games, and relaxing. Another beautiful summer day!

Sisters laying on the beach talking and laughing. Joy!