Why I Was At A Strip Club Last Week (It’s Not What You Think. Watch Before You Judge) …

My hunt to find where people are praying big, ridiculous, audacious prayers led me to a point in the Bronx, NY last week. Hunts Point, to be specific. Even more specifically, I found myself standing outside a strip club talking to my friend Reggie Stutzman, pastor of Real Life Church. You won’t believe what he’s daring to ask God for! Watch our interview.

The Higher I Climb, The Less I Know

The quote below, in my opinion, accurately describes my life in God. The more I get to know Him, the less I realize I know – about Him, myself, and life. The more I know, the less I know, and the more faith I need. Selah.

“After a big route in the Alps, I always think I know myself, know exactly who I am. It is only above 8000 meters that I realize again and again just how little I really do know about myself and my body, myself and the mountain.”

Excerpt From:
Ed Viesturs & David Roberts. “The Will to Climb.” Crown Publishers, 2011-10-04. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Jr. High Pizza Party

On Sunday afternoon we had a bunch of our Jr. High students over to the house for a pizza party. We had such a fun time together!


SRC Student Ministry in the Paper!

Today we were excited to see that our youth ministry made the Manhasset Press! Full-page spread. So proud of our students! Thanks to Steve and Judy Chin-Bock for getting our story out there to inspire people.


Claudia Speaks at High School Club

My oldest daughter Claudia is so awesome! Yesterday I had the privilege of listening to her speak at her high school Christian Club. She is a great young speaker, and shared her story so clearly, courageously pointing her peers to Jesus. God is doing good things at Roslyn High School, and we are so proud of her!