Text & Chat Acronyms

Today while leading a workshop for youth leaders on social media, questions about the new language of the media age were raised. Below is a list of text and chat acronyms put out by the CPYU (Center for Parent & Youth Understanding) (click the picture to enlarge). You can also consult websites like Netlingo.

Texting & Walking, Falling, Now Suing

And, yes, of course it’s America, and now she’s suing the mall! Of course, on the positive side, she’s not suing them for the fountain; rather she’s suing them because she was embarrassed that someone released the video and she was embarrassed! Here’s a thought … no one knew who you were until you went public and filed a law suit! She should have just left it alone. She herself said it was funny to watch. People used to be proud of these goofy mistakes, send in their video, and then sit in the front row on America’s Funniest Home Videos and hope for $10,000. Now they get a seat on Good Morning America with a lawyer going for $10,000,000!