Claudia’s 1st Announcement Video

A few weeks ago Claudia shot an announcement video with some of our other middle school students. She did so great! Enjoy!

Announcements 7-10-11 from The Wire on Vimeo.

Unlikely Middle School Student … Just the Kind of Kid God Uses!

Last week we wrapped up a 4-week series called Unlikely. During the final week we had several of our adult leaders share and also heard from Cody, one of our middle schoolers, about his life and desire to allow God to use Him to make an impact in his school.

Game Night

Last night we had over 100 middle school students show up to our Game Night. We had a ton of fun doing things like Bat-Spin Relay, Frisbee Touchdown, Ultimate Sock Dodge, Dodgeball, Bedlam Ball, and Capture the Flag. We were whooped when it was done, but man, did we have fun!

Justification by N.T. Wright

I just finished reading Justification – a very excellent, historical, biblical look at God’s plan for the world and how Paul understood and communicated that plan in his writings! Fascinating and refreshing!

Adriana’s L.A. Birthday

Yesterday was Adriana’s birthday, so we took her to Los Angeles. We spent a few hours on Olvera Street which was exactly like being in Mexico. We enjoyed watching some performers in the plaza, browsing the market, and having a nice lunch. We had some Mariachis serenade her with “Happy Birthday” and some other romantic songs. We also drove to West Hollywood and enjoyed walking Rodeo Drive. Back in the desert we stopped on El Paseo and had a nice dinner together. A great day!

Serving Thermal

Over the past two days we took students from our high school and middle school ministries and went to a trailer park in Thermal, CA to do a VBS in partnership with the Narrow Door Mission. It was not dissimilar to doing a missions trip to Mexico or Central America, and it was great seeing our students our loving God by serving others.

Coachella Valley At Night

The other night we took a night drive up the mountain on Route 74, a part of the Pines to Palms Scenic Byway, to view the Coachella Valley at night. It was very pretty (like overlooking Los Angeles (minus the big buildings). We forgot our good camera, so the images aren’t that great. I lightened the photo a bit (pic #2) so you can see the smaller mountains in the foreground. Next time we go up I’ll get better pics.

Cousins Don’t Shake Hands …

This morning I got a call from my cousins Heather and Susan (formerly Lynch) who were driving through our area on their way home to Phoenix from a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. We haven’t seen each other in at least 16 years. We met up at In-N-Out and had a fun lunch together. So great seeing them after all these years!