3 Great Giving Opportunities At The Wire/SCC This Weekend!

As we head into the final weekend of our “Going All Out” spiritual growth campaign at Southwest Community Church, here are 3 great opportunities to give and help our community.

1. Fill the Tub. Every week at The Wire we ask students to bring in cans of food to help our local food pantries. Our goal it to have our tub filled with food this weekend so we can join with our church in filling our box truck with food.

2. Fill the Bottle. We also have an oversized baby bottle we need to have filled up by this Sunday. Bring your change, cash, and/or checks and help us fill the bottle. Once again, we will combine our bottle with the bottles of the larger church family. Our goal is to raise $100,000 for the Crisis Pregnancy Center which is literally saving the lives of unborn babies.

3. Fill the Truck. Finally, this Sunday a semi will be parked on our church property to receive donations of furniture, household items, and clothing to stock up our community thrift stores. Look around your house and find things you are not putting to use and bring them so that we can get them into the homes of people in our community who are in need.

Two Sides: Finding What Fits Your Youth Ministry ORDER TODAY!!!

It’s HERE!!!!! Check out this GREAT new youth ministry book by my buddy Darren Sutton that I contributed to with several other awesome youth workers from around the country.

Imagine a world where everything in youth ministry is black-or-white, where simple solutions are always evident, and where one size truly fits all.

Would you like a unicorn with that?

Here’s the reality of youth ministry: Gray often is the dominant color, differing opinions abound, and the way forward isn’t always clear or certain. But just like a wise sage, Two Sides: Finding What Fits Your Ministry will help you through the journey of discovering the right, best answers for your ministry.

You’ll gain insights from veteran youth workers who have wrestled with these debatable gray areas. For example, should we write our own curriculum, or used pre-written material? Should small groups be separated by gender, or combined into co-ed groups? Should I be accountable for regular office hours, or follow an adaptable schedule because of youth ministry’s crazy hours?

In these and other areas, no answer is right or wrong—the “correct” answer is the one that best fits your specific setting. This book will engage you in considering both sides of the matter, thinking through some important questions, and then determining your own side of the issue.

Click HERE to Order Hard Copy or Download (download includes: PDF file, .epub file for iPad, .mobi file for Kindle) Today!

Lincoln Brewster in Concert THIS SUNDAY @ Southwest Community Church!

Invite some friends and Purchase Tickets here for just $5!

Our Little Softball Player

Yesterday was picture day for our youngest daughter’s softball team. She’s the only girl on her team who’s never played before, but her coaches said you would never know it. She can really hit a ball! Proud of our little athlete! 

The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian America

I recently ready The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons. The book takes a fresh look at the emergence of a church which is not seeking to separate from the world or blend in with the world, but seeking to restore the world to what it ought to be according to God’s original design. It offers tremendous hope that the gospel is being reclaimed by people planting themselves deeply into culture rather than parachuting out of it – proclaiming the good news as they use their gifts and talents to show God’s restorative power in all aspects of life – not just in what is traditionally thought of as “vocational ministry.” I highly recommend this book!