You Have Potential for Student Leadership If …

  • You have a relationship with God.
  • You have a heart and mind open to learning and growing.
  • You want to help others.
  • You can handle being challenged.
  • You want your life to count for something.
  • Does that describe you?
– Doug Fields, Help I’m a Student Leader (A great resource for training your student leaders! Using it with my students right now. If you want to order, use the 10% off coupon on the right side of my blog for this and all of your orders!)

Debt-Free City Run by 88-Year-Old Mayor

You’ll love this! What a cool lady! See the video here.

John Piper’s Upcoming Leave

John Piper is taking an 8-month leave of absence to examine his ministry, marriage and family. Read his letter below, and keep him and his family in prayer during this upcoming season.

John Piper's Upcoming Leave :: Desiring God Christian Resource Library

Passion Play Catch Phrase

This morning in our staff meeting, one of our pastors was praying for our Passion Play and I thought of this catch phrase to encapsulate what he was saying:

Our Passion Play will have … Good Acting … Good Singing … and most of all … GOOD NEWS!