From Rachel’s dad Rick:

We have heard from Rachel. The doctors performed the CT-Scan this morning instead of afternoon. Everything is CLEAR!!! Legally, the doctors cannot release her from the hospital, but per Rachel “a couple of doctors” suggested she could check herself out and would be flying home “at her own risk.” BUT GOD!!!!!! They will be flying home on angels’ wings!!!! Please continue to pray her shunt will not malfunction. We are still believing for a total and complete healing per my original post several days ago!!! I am waiting on a call from Rachel and hope to have more info after talking to her. I will be on the road, but will post what I can from my phone. PLEASE continue praying!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS, LOVE, COMPASSION AND PRAYERS!!! No words exist that can express our gratefulness for the outpouring from all over the world on Rachel’s and our family’s behalf!!!!!!!!!!

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