This morning we went through our usual routine of breakfast, quiet time, and group devotions. Today Steven Benz led the devotional and did a great job talking about the Holy Spirit. We then took a group picture with the other team that is here at the camp with us from Pennsylvania, then we headed off to our ministry sites. We had a good 50 plus children show up for VBS today. After lunch we got to work. Some of our group painted, priming two large walls in the church. The rest of the team mixed and poured cement. We got about a quarter of the floor that we are working on done today. It was hot, sweaty, and hard work, but our team is continuing to serve with gladness and joy. We appreciate your prayers. IMG_1996 IMG_2037 IMG_2059 IMG_2061 IMG_2066 IMG_2067 IMG_2082 IMG_2084 IMG_2147 IMG_2143 IMG_2150 IMG_2159 IMG_2179 IMG_2192IMG_2175 IMG_2205

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