10410573_10154321657635375_8329358119544009448_nIn 2001 my wife and I had an incredible young lady in our youth group named Rachel Caldwell who had 12 brain surgeries over a 2 year span. She was so courageous that she would not let her health issues stop her from spreading the love of Jesus. During one of our missions trips to Mexico she started having symptoms of shunt failure. We prayed like crazy and God was gracious. Tonight I am in the Bahamas leading another youth missions trip and I just received word that Rachel is on a missions trip in Brazil and is suffering the symptoms of advanced shunt failure.

Would you please join us in a prayer of solidarity for Rachel?!

I received this message from her dad last night, followed by an update from him this morning.

Sunday Update: My daughter Rachel Caldwell is on a missions trip at Iris Global Fortaleza, Brazil. She needs immediate prayer and miraculous intervention now. Rachel is having advanced shunt failure symptoms and needs to get to hospital asap. Our God is bigger than this attack. Please pray and agree with is the symptoms will cease and she will not need emergency brain surgery. Friends of Rachel and all other New Life People, please repost do all of NL and Rachel’s gnome friends around the world can start praying! Those not familiar with Rachel, she had 12 brain surgeries within a 22 month span as a young teenager. We almost lost her several times. She is very pressure sensitive. Pray against shunt failure. Pray that her cranial fluid will drain properly. Pray there will be no brain damage. Pray she will remain conscious. Pray she will not require surgery. Pray she will go to the right hospital with the right neurosurgeons at the right time. Pray God spares her life and health and mind and brain. Pray that she will live and not die and will come out of this with a mighty testimony. All to and for His Glory, His wonders and miracles and mercy are never-ending. Pray peace and comfort for our family especially for her mother Debbie Caldwell.

Monday Update: I just got off the phone with Rachel at 5:30 EDT (Fortaleza is an hour ahead). They are still waiting for the doctor. Obviously, after 12 years of no problems, Rachel is discouraged this is happening – especially now and on a missions trip. So this is another prayer point for her spirits to remain positive during her recovery. God has certainly had His hand on her for her to not be in criticalcondition after such a long period of time from the onset of symptoms. We continue to believe for total and complete healing, and that the valve that was shut off creating the problem will be made new where she will not require the shunt to drain the fluid. Our brains produce about 1 ounce of fluid an hour and it has to go somewhere. This valve opens up when sufficient fluid has formed and the fluid is absorbed by our bodies. The valve in Rachel’s brain was not formed or operating properly when she was born, creating the problem offluid build up on the brain.



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