I am sitting in the Philadelphia airport on my way home from a great weekend of ministry in Michigan. I had the great joy of being the speaker at a youth retreat for the youth ministry of Brighton Christian Church where my cousin Tyler is the youth pastor. The theme of the retreat was The Call. Tyler divided everyone into teams each taking on the name of a different cell phone company and they competed for points throughout the weekend. During the meetings I shared about 4 Calls of Jesus. We had some really powerful ministry times, especially on Saturday. God really spoke to the students in a special way during some quiet time on Saturday morning, and the altar was packed on Saturday night as students laid down their burdens at the foot of the cross. I so enjoyed sharing with these great people this weekend and I am thankful lots of new friends.

After the retreat I went out for lunch with Tyler, his wife Sarah, and another one of my cousins, Christian. Following lunch they drove me to see Adriana and my first apartment. I also stopped into a restaurant that I used to work at and spent some time visiting with one of the owners. It was a great weekend, and I am now excited to be heading home to see my family in just about an hour!

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