Thanks to everyone who supported my first-ever half-marathon run. Yesterday I completed the race with an official time of 2:17:02. That was a bit slower than I was hoping for, but I pulled my hamstring at the 10-mile marker when I decided to stretch. Bad idea. The last 3 miles were tough, but I persevered and finished. Most importantly, I exceeded my goal of raising $1,310 for World Vision! Thanks to my friends and family, so far $1,430 has come in, and I have commitments for even more, which should bring the total to about $1,600! The team from our churchraised over $58,000! Wow! What a privilege to be a part of a community of faith that show their solidarity with others around the world.


IMG_1484 IMG_1488 IMG_1492 IMG_1495 IMG_1497 IMG_1506 IMG_1509 IMG_1512


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