Yesterday I had a great time visiting with my friend Jason Morant. It’s been several years since we have seen one another, and it was great to spend the day reconnecting with him, thanks to a business trip that brought me to Nashville, TN. It was good hearing the story of his journey the past few years, and I am excited about some upcoming music he’s working on. It was also very fun meeting his vivacious 4-year old daughter who pointed out that my beard is not on my neck like her daddy’s, and told me I was her husband, which was followed by lots of laughing and running around. lol!


3 thoughts on “Reconnecting with Jason Morant

  1. So glad to hear he is still making music. I was wondering what the heck happened to him. What will his new content be released as?

  2. Also been trying to found out what Jason Morant is up to! Very little info online. Absolutely loved Abandon — excited to hear he has some new music coming!

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