For Christmas my daughter gave me the book There IS A God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind by philosopher Anthony Flew. It was a fascinating read! The first half of the book is Flew’s personal story – the roots of his atheism and the journey that led him to conclude in the existence of God. The second half is the actual evidence that led him to that conclusion. Flew’s journey was not one he would call necessarily “religious,” but one simply based on reason and his conviction to “follow the evidence where it leads.” He has not arrived at a conclusion as to who God is, but rather the inescapable conclusion that there is in fact a God. In his opinion, however, he believes that Christianity is far and away the most intriguing possibility citing it’s claims about Jesus and the writings of the great thinker Paul in the Bible.

I very much enjoyed reading his conversation with my favorite theologian N.T. Wright with whom Flew has developed a friendship with and whom he believes presents the strongest case for the God of the Bible as the creator. I would highly recommend this book to anyone – especially those who are searching for God and trying to reconcile science and reason with religion. It’s not the end of the journey, but certainly an important step moving people in the right direction.

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