Yesterday we had the wonderful opportunity to have a getaway with our student ministries staff and our spouses. We went up to Beaumont in the mountains about an hour from us. We spent the day visiting local country stores, enjoying the scenery, and had a nice picnic lunch with dialogue about life in ministry. It was a great time of connecting our hearts together through laughter, play, and conversations. I have found through the years that these times of getaway/retreat are vital to the success of team ministry. Have you done team getaways? What have you done during your time that was fruitful in terms of connection and equipping? Would love to hear your experiences.

2 thoughts on “Student Ministries Team Retreat

  1. This particular day was just about being together to build relationships. We didn't have a big agenda. On other retreats we have. What are some things you have done? What was a “Win” for your retreat?

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