Last night I was totally exhausted. At 10 in the morning I was at the church setting up for our big event Wild Wednesday. At 5pm the church secretary had seen me go up and down the stairs so many times she said I was too tuckered out for the event. Well, you know the deal. The event came, and now it was time to actually turn it on. So, we ran the event (Which went great, by the way!). At 8pm the kids started to disperse, and now it was cleanup time. For over an hour we worked hard tearing down and putting everything away. By 9:15pm everyone was gone and I was about to fall over. I asked Ariana to drive home because I wasn’t sure I would stay awake. I just wanted to shower and jump in bed. And to think I was actually hoping to go for a run. Yeah right!

As we were pulling into our community, we saw a car broken down. They had tried everything, but the car was dead and they had been standing there for two hours. Our security would not allow them to park the car in a parking space just 20 yards away because they did not live in the community. We stopped and offered our help, but there wasn’t much we could do, so we went home. I decided that if nothing else, I could run and get them something to drink and eat, so I headed back out to see if they wanted something. When I arrived the lady said they had decided to push the car down the road to a side street, so I offered to help. We ended up pushing the car a mile down the road and walking back. I ended up getting my workout in anyways, and now I was thoroughly whooped!

As I sweatily got back in my car and drove to our security gate, the guard commented on how nice it was that I helped the folks out. I responded that I just try to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. Beyond that, the occasion gave me the opportunity to meet some nice folks, chat with them a bit, invite them to church, and the gentleman give me his business card which I have passed along to our Spanish pastor for follow-up. Pray that God will use this random act in his conspiracy of kindness to reach people with His love.

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