Yesterday was another milestone for our family. Our 9-year-old daughter left for her first-ever summer camp! She was so excited about going that she had her suitcase packed 11 days before she left. We’re so proud of her! We know she’s going to have a great encounter with Jesus and is going to build some great relationships. 
Here are a few questions for you parents:
  • What was your first experience of letting your kids go away to a camp or retreat or missions trip like?
  • What did you look for that helped you in making your decision to allow them to go? (e.g. leadership, camp history, structure, content …)
  • How did you debrief with your child(ren) when they returned?

One thought on “My Baby’s First Summer Camp!

  1. This was also my first time letting Carson go to camp. I was so exciteds to see that the church was offering elementary camp again. I love the fact that they were going to a camp that has been established and didn't try to create their own. I also feel very comfortable with the staff that was going. I know many of them personally and I now that their private life matches their church life. For me that is the most important thing. I want my children bonding with staff that can be a good influence on my chilren's lives whether they are in church Sunday morning or we see them around town. We are all examples, it's just a matter of what kind of example you are going to be. That's what's important to me.

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