On Saturday morning we woke up at 6am. Brendon, Jackie, and Stan came over to the house to help us load the final small items around the house. Actually they just came to say goodbye, but we had to find any nook and cranny to cram everything in. We completely filled our POD as well as our van and Uhaul trailer. At 8:15am we got on the road. We had an uneventful ride through the city, across New Jersey, and up to northwestern Pennsylvania where we stayed at my Grandma and Grandpa Larkin’s home. Coincidentally my cousin Bjorn had graduated from high school the day before and when we arrived they were having his graduation party. Four of my aunts were there, some cousins, as well as some other relatives. It couldn’t have worked out better for us to see a lot of people on our way through.
On Sunday we awoke at 8am, got ready, ate breakfast, loaded up, took some pics, then drove about 6 hours to my sister Naomi’s house in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My Aunt Sarah and Uncle John drove up from Indianapolis to surprise the girls and visit with us as well. We had a fun evening together. The girls loved playing with their little cousins Taylor and Jordan. The dogs have been awesome too! We have learned well from the Dog Whisperer Caesar Milan how to introduce them to other dogs in a way that eliminates unnecessary conflict. They’ve gotten along great with both my aunt’s black lab and my sister’s husky. Today we’re off to Chicago for a couple of days with my parents.

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