An hour ago I learned that my friend Heather died tragically after being hit by a truck. We had the chance to work together on a few occasions reaching students for Jesus, and until moving back to her home in Chicago a few months ago, I always enjoyed seeing her familiar face and hearing her booming-with-life voice almost every time I entered my real office, Starbucks, where she worked as a barista. She was one of the most optimistic, positive, funny, passionate people I have ever met. In visiting her Facebook page I was amazed to find that her last wall post had these simple but profound words:

“Don’t just pretend to love others…really love them.”

Heather had no idea that these would be her final words to the [Facebook] world, but I can think of no better message to leave! More than just famous last words, her message is filled with true meaning and significance. May we all hear and live out these words which are directly from the heart of God.

One thought on “Famous & SIGNIFICANT Last Words!

  1. I've known Heather since she was a baby, and am just heart-broken by this news. She was everything you described her to be. She packed a lot of living into her short time here on earth. Praying for the entire wonderful Parman family during these very dark days. We will see her again in heaven.

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