Today we drove up to Los Angeles. We took a 2-hour tour up Hollywood Boulevard, through West Hollywood, up Sunset Boulevard, up through the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, etc. where we saw homes of celebrities both present and past, down Rodeo Drive, up Mulholland Drive where we had the scenic overlook over L.A. and up to the Hollywood sign, and back down to the Chinese Theater. It was really fun! After the tour we did a little shopping then had lunch in the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard. As we were eating I recognized a guy walking in as Cousin Sal from The Jimmy Kimmel Show. I said hi and he shook my hand and greeted us. After lunch we went into Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum which the tour we had purchased also included. We had a very fun time in there as well.

You can see a bunch more of our pics here. I haven’t had time to label the various houses we saw, but …

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