Today I was in Manhattan to teach an Intro to Youth Ministry class at NYACK college. It was a great time interacting with some great emerging leaders. Not only did I have a chance to hopefully instill some things in them, they really help to sharpen me as a leader. Having them push back on things keeps me on my toes and causes me to think more deeply about my own ministry. I really love that.

I was also able to capitalize on the train rides to get a bunch of work done. Getting out of the office helps clear my head and focus on getting some tasks done that so easily slip down the pile when the phone is ringing and people are walking in and out of the office.

After getting off the train in Hicksville I drove to Chipotle to grab a quick bite to eat. I was wearing our new small group shirt which I designed and the guys at the register liked it enough to say that my meal was on them. That was sweet!

Taking a couple of bites of my hee-youge burrito I realized I needed more napkins and went to the counter to grab some. When I did I saw my friend Jack Crabtree and his wife Becky in line. After getting their food they joined me and we shared a nice, unexpected dinner together. Jack, an experienced author with whom I am currently working on a project for Youth Specialties, really encouraged me in my writing and gave me some great ideas.

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