This morning I had my first youth ministry experience from the dad side of the fence rather than the youth pastor side of the fence that I have been on for the last 9+ years. I sent my oldest daughter Claudia off on a missions trip to Toccoa, Georgia with a team from our youth ministry under the leadership of my assistant Giovanni. Claudia has been so excited about going off without us on a trip for the first time, counting down the days for the last several weeks. This morning she asked me why I was listed as “Attending” the Georgia Missions Trip on Facebook. I then pulled out my team shirt and said, “Surprise! I’m going with you!” Her face dropped like a rock. I said, “Did you really think I would send you off without me?” She was in shock. She didn’t know how to respond. Part of her knows I am a joker, but then I had the shirt on and she didn’t know what to believe. I then quickly told her I was just joking, and that I still got a shirt as the youth pastor. The flood of relief she experienced was overwhelming. LOL! I am super proud of my girl! I know the Lord has been preparing her for such a time as this, and she is going to serve Him well and blossom in her own right. I’m looking forward to hearing the reports of what God did through and in the team when they return.

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