Yesterday we took a team of 21 from Shelter Rock Student Ministries and went to work with Lighthouse Mission. After working in the warehouse, sorting clothes and food, and loading 2 food trucks, our team split into two groups and went out to serve those in need. One group with to Lake Ronkonkoma, and the other team went to Coram. We worked in the freezing cold for over an hour, but that was nothing in comparison to the people who had walked in this weather, and waited in line long before we arrived, just to get some food and maybe find some clothes that fit them. We met people who are just trying to keep their homes heated, and those who have no homes at all. We met people who live in the woods, people who did not have anything on their feet but sandals and socks … It was very humbling. In addition to meeting physical needs, several of us were able to pray with people as they waited in line.

Read about Day 2 here.








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