I just finished reading the book Miles to the Cross: A Spiritual Journey on the Open Road by Mike Howerton. The book is a collection of journal entries by Howerton over a number of years during four different pilgrimages throughout Europe, America, Britain, and Central America. It was fascinating reading of his adventures and his journey from a college student seeking for truth to a young man who concluded that Jesus is Who He says He is, and the moment he realizes that he has indeed embraced Jesus as His leader. This is the second book I have read in recent months which is comprised of journal entries of people on pilgrimages, and I have absolutely loved them both. Raw. Real. Honest. Authentic. Neither had that “Wow! Now that’s profound, intense truth that I have never considered.” Rather, the joy for me was in observing their daily grinds, their simple reminders and discoveries of what is truly important in life, their struggle to live well each day, and the inherent invitation for us to do the same. 

One thought on “Miles to the Cross by Mike Howerton

  1. I also just recently finished reading Miles to Cross as well and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :). I myself am a college student and I like how Mike’s journeys show the beautiful things in life and how wondrous God is.

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