I am passionate about small groups because I know they make a BIG difference! They’re messy, they’re a lot of work, but I am convinced that they are totally worth it. One of the things I challenge our small groups to do is get out and find creative, simple ways to serve our community and show God’s love in practical ways. Yesterday our two Smithtown small groups joined together to walk around the businesses on Main St. and pick up trash. Yep, trash! Or, as our good friends across the pond call it, rubbish. Why would well-to-do kids from Long Island do such a thing? That’s exactly what the policemen who were watching them were wondering. They didn’t say anything; they just drove alongside them wondering. The mystery of the gospel in action. It makes no sense to logical, sane people. But we do it because we believe, as Mother Teresa said, that when we do small things with big love it makes a difference. Not only did we leave Smithtown looking better after we collected and disposed of several bags of garbage, but our students had a fun time doing it, laughing and making goofy videos. After cleaning up the streets, the small groups sat in Starbucks laughing and sipping coffee and frappuccinos. Then they returned to my house where they had an evening of fellowship. I was super proud of them! Way to go guys! Here’s the kicker. I came to Starbucks this morning to do some work, and I am facing the window. I have never seen this before, but there were two guys with buckets and sticks walking through the parking lot collecting trash – but there was not much to collect; just a few papers that have been blown in by the wind during the night. Did the town send them because they felt convicted by the reports that kids were out cleaning the streets? Or was it just coincidence, and these guys couldn’t believe that there was so little trash as compared to the past? Not sure, but I thought it was funny!

One thought on “Small Groups Doing Small Things That Make A Big Difference

  1. NOW he gets it! Why did I always have to get after him while he was growing up? Actually, Kevin was always a pretty tidy kid. Way to go, groups!!!

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