This past week our family was honored to have our three new friends from Uganda – Moses, Dennis, and Uncle Fredrick – stay in our home for a couple of days. They were with us because they are a part of the Watoto Children’s Choir which sang at our church on Sunday evening. Moses and Dennis are a part of Watoto – a village made up of children who have been orphaned due to AIDS and war. Uncle Fredrick was one of their chaperones on their 6-month tour of the US. In addition to thoroughly enjoying their performance, we had a wonderful time getting to know our new friends while they were staying in our home. They were excellent guests – very polite, respectful, thankful and affectionate. Sharing meals together, doing their laundry, having them play with our toys, and giving them lots of goodies to take with them was such a blessing, and we thank the Lord for allowing us this very special opportunity!

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