Happy Birthday to my gorgeous wife Adriana. I am so blessed to be called her husband, and it is a great joy doing life with her, raising our daughters and mentoring students for Jesus. Today we will go and pick up our oldest daughter Claudia from the airport as she returns home from her first missions trip, and that is the best present Mommy could ask for. Last night we went to the Yankees’ game with our friends Tommy & Naomi to celebrate Naomi’s and Ady’s birthdays – Naomi’s on the 22nd, and Ady’s on the 23rd. During the game Derek Jeter hit an inside-the-park home run, and Alex Rodriguez hit career home run #599. We had our cameras rolling hoping for #600 in his final at bat of the game, but he hit a solid double instead. So disappointing! lol! You can see all of our pics from the game here.

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