Yesterday I took for of my students and hit the road headed to Herkimer, NY where I spoke at a youth sleep-in at New Life Church. During the ride up the boys and I spent lots of time talking and laughing. We also spent quite a bit of time in prayer – for our trip, for the students we were going to minister to, and for some of our friends back home. The theme of the lock-in was Infuse, so I spoke about being infused with the Holy Spirit on Friday night and being infused with love on Saturday morning. It was really great and we had some good altar ministry on Friday evening. I so enjoyed getting to be with my friends Joe & Joann Jansen – long-time friends and the pastors at New Life, and two of their three kids – Josh & Jenelle. Josh was my intern this past summer, so it was good to re-connect with him. He also spoke during the night. It was a fun weekend for me also in terms of being able to spend some quality time with David, Ren, Matt, and Brendon. I love those kinds of mentoring/ministry times, and I hope that they were able to learn as much from our time together as I did.

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