After a long, hard-fought battle, I extend my congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama. I am so thrilled about the racial breakthrough that his election means to our country. I have been praying for such a breakthrough in this regard for a long time. I am also committed to praying for him as he leads our country. I challenge all who read this to do the same. Pray FOR him. May God fill him with the grace, wisdom, and strength that he will need. May he pursue that which is right and good and beautiful. May the Lord also grant him comfort as he mourns the sad passing of his grandmother just a day before this historic day.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Barack Obama

  1. While I do not aggree with you on a lot of what you posted here, I will not only be praying for Obama, as that is what Christ would call me to do, I will be praying for YOU as well. I will also pray that God will reveal Himself to this nation in a way that will turn us back to Him before His coming. This country needs to wake up before it’s too late. Especially Christians.

  2. Hey Kevin,Great post & subsequent clarification. It's unfortunate that well-meaning people in the Church are so tweaked about the results of this general election.To the previous comment poster (anonymous), I would challenge to not only pray for President-elect Obama, not just because God “wants you to,” but because He commands us to love one another. Are you willing to truly labor in prayer for Barack Obama, seeing him as one that Jesus laid down His life for on the cross?

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