I’ve decided that roller coasters are too far below me. I’ve simply become too mature for them. I much prefer to read while the kiddies scream in horror and/or delight. HA HA HA! Now for the truth … I collect a few things as mementos from my youth ministry adventures. One such thing that I began collecting about 7 years ago is pictures of us on roller coasters. On most roller coasters there are cameras stationed along the ride which snap pictures of you in moments of hysteria. These pictures can then be purchased with the blood of your first-born child. No, I mean for a large sum of money [since they don’t get enough from you for entry]. Each time I tell everyone to do something creative. I’ve reached back and rubbed one of my youth worker’s bald head for a pic. One time our entire group of guys pulled our shirts over our heads and put our shoes on our hands. Sometimes (as in the picture to the left) we just tell everyone to go no-hands. But yesterday at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey I pulled off a new one. I snuck a book onto the ride, and as we were traveling on the world-record-breaking Kingda Ka — the tallest, fastest roller coaster on Earth — which shoots you 45 stories high (that’s 450 feet) at 128 mph, I decided to play it cool and just read while everyone screamed and held on for dear life. The picture was awesome! (There is a video of our ride for you to see … it’s the tall green one in the background.) My group also went on El Toro and Nitro. I had a great time getting to know my small group of students better. I pray that they enjoyed hanging out with this not-cool-anymore-but-thinks-he’s-too-cool-for-roller-coasters-youth pastor guy. May the Lord use this shared experience and the interactions that took place to inspire them to love and serve Jesus!

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