This morning we enjoyed an incredible breakfast at our hotel then we checked out as we are staying at a different hotel for the remainder of the week. The bus arrived and took us to the school where we were helping with the Wellspring day camp. We were assigned to different teams to serve over 330 children attending this week. It was a day of adjustment getting used the camp and how things run as well as the culture and language differences, but by the end of the day we were getting the hang of it and connecting with the kids. Dr. Santhosh was paired up with his counterpart at the camp and they got to help kids with their bumps and scrapes and supposed stomach aches [when they did not want to play a particular game lol!]. We worked until 3:30pm when the campers were picked up, and we are excited to go back tomorrow and build on the relationships that were begun yesterday. After checking into our new hotel and a quick change we had the honor of experiencing almost 2 hours of Cairo traffic. What an experience! Some of us were able to catch a little nap, while others were busy just trying to keep their lunch inside of their bodies. All of us were relieved when we finally reached our destination, a boat ride on the Nile River. We very much enjoyed recovering from the van ride as it was a beautiful evening and we had pizza for dinner and just hung out together. We took some time to debrief our day before driving back home, which, thankfully, did not take as long as the ride there. We had a quick 10 minute team pow-wow, then headed to our rooms. We’re about to turn in for the night. Other than a little car sickness for one of our team members we are all doing well. Thanks for your continued prayers.

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