Today Natalia, Ren, and Ana led us in devotions, then we enjoyed a wonderful and much-deserved day off. We went to the market for a little shopping, then we went on a glass-bottom boat and did some snorkeling over a reef. We saw lots of beautiful fish and other sea life. We had lunch and enjoyed swimming, snorkeling, and lounging at the beach. This evening we had our closing service with some amazing worship. Tyler went out into the hallway and invited kids from the other church group staying in the hotel to join us, and several did. I then shared on how we can continue living out our faith when we get home. After small group time we gathered together and shared things we saw in one another this week, then took time to share memories about our graduates. 

2 thoughts on “Jamaica Mission Day 6 

  1. Kevin,
    It was fun to read the you-were-there, fly-on-the-wall account.
    Thanks to you and the team for everything you do!

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