When people who have made it out of poverty have been asked what helped them get out of poverty, education was almost unanimously named as one of the elements. This morning we visited two public schools to see how Forward Edge is partnering with them to improve education and opportunities for children to received an education. After our visits we had a team lunch at a restaurant which has been started with a vision to provide skills training and job opportunities for people in order to improve the community. We then took a little excursion to visit Masaya Volcano, which is an active volcano. It was really neat! When we got back to Villa Esperanza we toured the Life Skills Center, which is currently under construction. Here they build as the funds come in, so they are moving by faith. About $65,000 has come in, and they are believing God for the additional $120,000 needed to complete the project, which will allow the girls to learn skills that will enable them to earn a living and break the generational cycles of material poverty which lead to so many of the problems that plague communities. I just want to give a shoutout to my very own daughter Claudia who saved up and gave $200 to this project last week! I am so proud of her! We then heard more about specific ways to engage and partner in the initiatives being undertaken by Forward Edge.IMG_9328IMG_9361IMG_9378IMG_9376IMG_9373IMG_9390IMG_9399IMG_9409IMG_9430IMG_9445IMG_9468IMG_9472IMG_9477IMG_9490IMG_9488IMG_9497IMG_9500IMG_9536

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