Last night Natalia and I had the fun of going to the Brooklyn Nets vs. Golden State Warriors game on a Daddy-Daughter Date. We were excited to see “the Splash Brothers” Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, arguably the best offensive back court in the NBA today. Unfortunately Thompson had an off night and only scored 7, and Steph only had 8 points going into the 4th quarter due to foul trouble. But, they did make it exciting as Curry scored 18 in the 4th and the game came down to the wire. Tied at 108 Jarrett Jack hit a tough contested jumper with 1.1 seconds on the clock to go ahead. Curry got the ball with a chance, but Brooklyn defended well and he couldn’t get the shot off on time, and Brooklyn won. It was a great game, and more importantly a really great shared experience with my girl!

One thought on “Daddy-Daughter Date Brooklyn Nets vs. Golden State Warriors

  1. I’m so jealous! Ugh! I wanna see an NBA game so bad! You got to see Klay and Steph in person!!! A great finish as well, I wonder what it was like to see that game winner! One day I’ll cross these items off of my bucket list.

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