thank you noteToday I heard the two sweetest words a youth worker can hear: “Thank you!” I am always trying to say these words to my awesome youth ministry team. There is tremendous power in these words, and I know our youth workers don’t hear them enough.

I am compiling a list of things people are thankful to youth workers for. Would you mind posting a Comment? Please complete the following sentence:

Dear Youth Worker, Thank you for …

3 thoughts on “If You Could Thank A Youth Worker …

  1. Dear Youth Worker, thank you for being able to talk to me about living a life with Christ. Before i met you I didn’t know what that meant. But you took the time to actually get to know me. That showed me that you were interested in my life and it let me open up. I just wanted to say thank you for being there and helping me move closer with God.

  2. I am Thankful that you accept these kids and always point them in the right direction, and give them FUN, SAFE things to do together! God Bless You for the TIME you give these precious ones.

  3. From Becky – “Those who work with youth are special people. They help build the foundation for kids to know the Lord. I am grateful for the men and women who were my leaders. They gave their time and energy when it wasn’t always appreciated. Most were volunteers….no pay……lots of their time. Thank you Joyce and Paul and all the others out there who showed us Jesus. AND that is how I met Jack too!”

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