0849920566This weekend I went on a much-needed Men’s Retreat. But here’s the ticker … I didn’t leave the house. That’s exactly how I felt as I read Doug Fields’ new book 7 Ways to Be Her Hero. I could just picture myself sitting in a lodge at a retreat center hearing him speak, and I could virtually hear Doug’s voice and feel his passion for marriage as I read. The book was so conversational and practical, and I thoroughly enjoyed being challenged afresh to, as Doug says, “not suck as a husband.” I would highly recommend this book to any and every man. If you’re married, this book is a must-read, whether you think you’re an awesome husband (most likely a good sign that you’re not), know you’re not, or are somewhere in the middle (the majority of married dudes). If you are engaged, I would say this book is also a must-read. Get ahead of the game in understanding your calling as a husband before you enter your marriage. Why wait until you “suck” as a husband before reading it. Do some preventative maintenance so you can never be known as a “sucky” husband. Be the man God has called you to be and the man your wife needs you to be; be her hero!

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