10562713_763753103668009_397188754745270104_oTwo weeks ago we traveled down to Yorktown, Virginia for the Mahaffy Family Reunion. The last time all of our families were all together was 21 years ago (we’ve come close at a couple of weddings) , and that was before any of my generation were married. Each family was assigned a different color t-shirt, and the numbers on our t-shirts represented the order in which we joined the family (really cool idea!). There were 55 of us in total from 83 years old to less than 2 months. In addition to the obvious joy of being with everyone and catching up, few highlights for me personally:

It was the first time my parents and all of my siblings were together in 5 years.

2014 Reunion 8-9-14 041

It was the first time I’ve seen my only brother in 3 years. IMG_5246

Seeing my parents with all of their 11 grandchildren at once for the first time ever.IMG_5165One night all of us “older cousins” and our spouses went out together (There is a 14 year gap between my grandparents’ oldest 3 children and their youngest 2, so those of us born to the older 3 all grew up together, and the children of the younger 2 are in the age range of my daughters.)


Seeing my daughter walking with her great-grandmother.IMG_5220

Seeing my grandparents with all of their 5 children and spouses, 17 grandchildren and spouses, 18 great-grandchildren. What a legacy!

2014 Reunion 8-9-14 057

2014 Reunion 8-9-14 0712014 Reunion 8-9-14 009 2014 Reunion 8-9-14 010 2014 Reunion 8-9-14 012 2014 Reunion 8-9-14 014

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