Today our team enjoyed a much-deserved day of shopping, eating, and relaxing after a week of hard work. We hit the market this morning for some haggling and souvenir shopping. Then we went for lunch – some did McDonald’s (which I will never understand on a missions trip! lol!) while a bunch of us went to Twin Brother’s Fish Fry and ate the local favorite cuisine … conch. We had conch fritters (like hush puppies), conch chowder, conch salad (like ceviche), cracked conch, and conch burgers. I also ate Snapper, which was delicious as well. We then went to the beach and enjoyed swimming, volleyball, coconut water, and fruit smoothies. It was a wonderful day and everyone had a great time. Tonight we will have our final service and time of sharing. Tomorrow we head home. Thanks for praying for us!
photo 1

photo 2

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