I am not a New York Mets fan, but I am now a Daniel Murphy fan. Daniel Murphy is the Mets’ second baseman. Watch this video, then read my response:

I want to say this to Mr. Murphy:

Thank you for putting family first. Thank you for choosing your family over your job. You are the kind of hero our warped culture needs!

You will have hundreds, if not thousands, of more baseball games to play, but you will never again have the chance to experience the birth of your first child and be with your wife for the first few days to share the joy of your new life as a family of three.

Your child will never remember what you did, but I am sure one day he will hear about it. The message you have communicated to him is that he is more important than anything in the world to you. Well done, sir!

Thank you for taking the high road when you were criticized. You showed your values, and so did your critics. What a shame that they have bought into the lies of our modern culture. How many kids go to bed every night in their big homes, in their nice beds, feeling like they don’t really matter to their parents; that only money and success does? Yes, it is wonderful and honorable that these parents work hard to provide for their children, do not get me wrong. But I know of way too many parents in our culture who bring home paychecks that enable to their families to live comfortable lives, but their children are starved for the one thing money can’t buy: a relationship with their parents, because they are always out chasing the next dollar.

Today I honor you as a man, as a husband, as a father, and as a much-needed role model! I don’t know if you are a Christian, but I would not be surprised to hear that you are. Thank you for representing the heart of God the Father as well. I’m so glad He didn’t just create us and “get back to work.” Rather, He created us and loves us and deeply wants to be with us as His children.

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