On Sunday I preached about praying BIG prayers. As I was pondering the topic last week, I began thinking about the connection between reading the Bible and prayer. How does reading the Bible relate to our prayer lives? I would suggest that spending time in God’s Word profoundly impacts how we pray. As we read the Bible we get to know God and His redemptive story more deeply, and we learn more and more that we have a role to play in that ongoing story. When we read the Bible, God doesn’t get bigger, but our understanding of Him does. As our understanding grows, so does our faith, and faith is what motivates our prayers. So I ask you today, how big are your prayers? Your prayers will only be as big as the size of your faith. The question is not how big is God, but how big is your faith in God. Reading the Bible helps you grow in your understanding of the BIGNESS of God, and increases your faith to pray BIG prayers! It all begins with relationship, and our relationship with God grows the more we spend time getting to know Him through His Word, the Bible.Prayer_over_Bible

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