imageTo celebrate our love, on Wednesday I surprised Adriana and had an Edible Arrangement with a teddy bear delivered to her at work. She was totally shocked! Today we went into Manhattan and had a really delicious lunch at Dos Caminos. During lunch we had fun reminiscing about our most fun memories together. After lunch we walked around and discovered a new favorite NYC hangout … Chelsea Market. This place is awesome! We had a great time walking around, seeing all of the restaurants, stores, etc. We even found – finally! – street tacos! We had some gelato and a crepe, and picked up some freshly made doughnuts for the girls. On our way home we came up with 20 date ideas that we are going to work on accomplishing this year. This evening we came home and our girls had set a romantic mood in the house, complete with candles, cards, chocolates … and locked us in our room to watch a romantic comedy. So sweet!

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