IMG_1221During our Youth Winter Fest we invited students to come forward and write on white flags the things they needed to surrender to Jesus. Of 353 people attending the weekend, we received 337 flags! Here’s the list of responses and a window into the issues our students are struggling with. Would you join me in praying for these people?

  • A hurting relationship
  • All material things
  • All the burdens I have
  • All the crap in my life, lack of trust in God
  • All the things I’ve been using to turn You away
  • Anger
  • Anger and hate
  • Anger toward those who have hurt me
  • Anger, lust
  • Anger, resentment, unforgiveness
  • Anxiety
  • Bad habits, wasting time, pornography, taking life for granted
  • Bad thoughts of past
  • See the full list here: I Surrender

One thought on “I Surrender …

  1. Glad to see these hurts get into the light. Praying that there was a lot of healing going on in the process.

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