By Shawn Harrison

“I don’t watch Duck Dynasty … mainly because I don’t have cable. I’ve seen the show maybe four times. From what I’ve seen, I like the show, but not enough to watch back episodes online. Still, I appreciate the clean humor, the focus on family, and the faith each family member boldly professes.

“The Robertson family is not shy about their love for Jesus. And that’s awesome. They have a right to be heard, just as any other show on TV has a right to be heard. Some times controversial things are said and done, which creates a “war zone.” Christians rally against non-Christians, who in turn rally against Christians whenever one side says something or does something the other side finds offensive. But we’re going to have times of offense, especially when two opposite sides are given the freedom to speak their minds.

“This is one of the great things about America. Though I don’t always agree with everything that’s said within our culture, I do value the fact that our country gives the freedom of speech to its citizens. Everyone has a right to …

Read the rest of Oh Look, Another Protest

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