This evening Natalia and I had the privilege of going to the Yankees game with our friend Tommy for the chance to see the greatest closer in the history of baseball, Mariano Rivera, just one more time. It was Mariano Rivera Bobble Head Night, so we arrived early as only the first 18,000 fans would receive one. Unfortunately, the bobble heads did not arrive at the stadium in time for the game, and we had to stand outside the gate for over an hour before they were finally opened and we received a voucher rather than the actual bobble head.

We entered the stadium and went down to left field for batting practice, and Natalia was given a ball by one of the Tampa Bay Rays’ players! She was SOOO excited! What a thrill! During the pre-game ceremonies, Mariano Rivera was recognized, so we were able to see him. The Yankees ended up losing, and he did not come into the game, but it was a great night with Natalia and a chance to see him at the stadium just one more time.

In the third inning they announced that the bobble heads had arrived and we ran to get in line … and were promptly marched from the first level all the way to the fourth to join the line all the way back down to the first level for pickup. It was crazy, but we decided to just stay in line. It took about 35 minutes, but we got our bobble heads. My guess is that we were in the first 3,000 people or so. The line just got longer and longer, and actually wound all the way to the other side of the stadium. Some people waited over 2 hours and missed a significant part of the game, so we were glad that we bit the bullet and waited when we did. 

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